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Item No. 2131001

10 pcs Polymaid Roller Set: 1pc of 7" Polyamide sleeve, white w. yellow stripe,pile height 10mm,core 48mm; 1pc of 7"stick frame dia.8mm zinc coated; 2pc of 2" polyamide sleeve, white with yellow stripe,pile height 10mm; 1pc of 2" frame dia.6mm zinc coated;? 2pc of 4" polyamide sleeve, white with yelow stripe,pile height 10mm, 1pc of 4" frame dia.6mm zinc coated; 1pc 4" Jumbo polyamide sleeve, white with yellow stripe,pile height 10mm,core 30x120mm;? 1pc of 7" plastic tray. Packaging: PE bag w. color lable